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SmartByte Weight Management System – a new device to aid in weight loss


SmartByte Can Be Used With or Without Medication

SmartByte SystemThe SmartByte System seamlessly integrates proprietary medical technology, behavioral science and digital intelligence to help you safely and effectively manage your weight.

The small, removable, custom-molded SmartByte Device is comfortably placed on the roof of your mouth, only when you eat. It helps you to take smaller bites & eat more slowly which gives your body time to realize that you’re feeling full so you’ll be satisfied with less food and fewer calories. [1]

Through the Personal Coaching Program, you will be assigned to a Care Team specially selected based on your profile, lifestyle, and goals. Each Care Team includes a behavior change specialist and a certified professional such as a registered dietician.

The Self-Monitoring App connects to a sensor in your SmartByte Device and sends usage data to the SmartByte Weight Management System. You will also receive a cellular-enabled scale that automatically captures your weight data for display within the App.


SmartByte is available for 12 monthly payments of $99.

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If you are interested in learning more about the SmartByte Weight Management System, please call (717) 695-0007 or visit

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Initial Patient Screening

Download the Initial Patient Screening form and submit it, along with your contact information, to

SmartByte Helps with Mindful Eating

[1] McGee, T. L., Grima, M. T., Hewson, I. D., Jones, K. M., Duke, E. B. and Dixon, J. B. (2012), First Australian Experiences With an Oral Volume Restriction Device to Change Eating Behaviors and Assist With Weight Loss. Obesity, 20: 126–133.