COVID-19 Information

We are slowly and incrementally beginning to bring patients back into the office in order to continue to provide exceptional care and move towards a more normal visit atmosphere. As of May 22nd we have begun to allow patients on the INJECTION SCHEDULE into the office. We will update this page and call patients to give them the option to keep their telephone visit or to come into the office once we are comfortable with new routines and workflow and once it is safe to move forward. We will re-open other providers for in-office visits in the coming months. We do not have a set timeline as we are constantly reassessing to be sure we can keep everyone safe.

Attention Patients: If you did not receive a phone call offering you the option to come to the office for your scheduled visit, then you should assume that it is still a telephone visit.

Here are the guidelines and steps we are following to bring patients in for in-office visits:

  • All Patients will stay in their cars until their scheduled appointment time.
  • Please call 717-695-0007 and let the staff member know you are here (check in). They will ask you a few questions, and make sure you have a mask. If you do not have a mask, you will not be permitted in the office. We will get you rescheduled or transferred to a telemed visit.
  • The staff member will instruct you on how to proceed into the office.
  • When the staff member informs you it is your turn to enter the building, a staff member will meet you by the door escort you to the scale to weigh in and then to your private room for your visit.
  • After your visit, you will be escorted to the front desk where you will be checked out.
  • After checking out, you will exit the door you entered through.
  • Patients cannot bring children or other family members into the office for their visit. If you cannot work around this, we will do a telemed visit.
  • If any patient is not comfortable coming in that is perfectly fine, we will do telemed visit.