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Pricing Update

Effective: August 1, 2018

Hello! Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare. Ever since opening, we have done what is best for the patient, not the bottom line. We cut the cost of care in half by dealing directly with patients. We charge thousands less per year than other weight loss options in the area and provide more comprehensive care.

Dealing with health benefit packages, third-party payers, and insurance companies cost about 35 cents on the dollar. As newer (and more expensive) medications have hit the market, we have gotten approvals, prior authorizations, gone through step therapies and coordinated care with patient’s prescription benefit plans so they can have access to these newer therapies. Almost all of our messages and time on the phone is spent handling prescription-related issues. Up until this point, we have not charged for this service. Of late, insurance companies and prescription benefit plans have made this more difficult and time-consuming. Patients are often frustrated that we are not spending more time coordinating their benefits in a timelier fashion. The new pricing serves to more fairly charge patients for the services that folks do (and do not) utilize. It will also allow us to add additional staff and improve our services. We will continue to provide inexpensive options for weight loss as well as continuing to expand options for patients seeking the newest in cutting-edge treatments for weight management.


Why are prices going up?

Prices aren’t going up for people who get their meds here. Every day we come in and have messages about scripts from pharmacies, patients, and insurance companies. Up until now, we haven’t charged for writing scripts, but now we have to.

Why are you charging for writing scripts?

Almost all of our messages are about scripts. The old system wasn’t fair. The new prices even things out and only charge people for the services they use.


The outside script coordination fee is the fee when a provider writes or calls in a prescription.

Do duplicate scripts each incur an “OUTSIDE SCRIPT COORDINATION” fee?

Yes, but one script is included with moderate complexity visit.

What is the difference between a low complexity, moderate complexity, and high complexity visit?

Low complexity visits are straightforward and involve one or two medications dispensed in-house. Maintenance visits requiring no change in therapy are considered low complexity.

Moderate complexity visits involve the use of medications we do not carry in house. Any visit which requires our dealing with pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies or insurance companies would also be considered moderate complexity. (Moderate complexity visits include one “OUTSIDE SCRIPT COORDINATION”)

High complexity visits involve sorting out multiple problems (illnesses) and how this impacts your weight loss.

I used to get packages, can you help me out with the price?

The packages dropped the price to about $55 a visit. Packages will return in late 2018. In the meanwhile, we will have other promotions.

Are there are other ways to save money?

Review Us and Save Up To $60.00

Yes, you can save a $20 off of a total of three separate visits. All you have to do is:

  1. Write a review of our practice on Google, Facebook or Yelp!
  2. Print out your review and bring it to your next appointment.
  3. One review per appointment.

*Please bring a hard copy of your review to your appointment. Othwerwise, we will not be able to process it.