Program Outline

We are a medical weight loss facility. We use medications to aid in weight loss. We also address behavioral and dietary changes to further weight loss and instill healthy behaviors. We treat Binge Eating Disorder as well as obesity. There is no individual plan as everyone is different and has different struggles related to weight loss.  At the first appointment, we go over your medical history as well as try to identify your individual struggles and come up with a medication and plan that will work for you.  We see you back in the office once a month to weigh in and refill your medication. Monthly visits are a requirement to make sure that your medication is helping. If, at any time you feel the medication is not working, we can add to it or change it. We do have medications here in the office and we have the ability to write a script for any medication that the provider deems appropriate for you. 

How much will this all cost?

The first visit is $99 plus the cost of your medication.  We do not know what medication you will be on until you get here and have your first appointment. Our medications that can be purchased in the office run from $5-$45 for a 30-day supply. We have you follow up every month and the follow up visits are priced based on the complexity of your case, plus the cost of your medications. We do not have our patients sign contracts or require payment up front.  We do have packages available to save you money!

CareCredit - Apply Now

We Accept CareCredit, along with other types of payments.

I have seen commercials for a new weight loss medication or heard about them from a friend, do you prescribe these medications?

Yes, we can and often do prescribe weight loss medications that we do not carry in the office. These medications are newer (coming out between 2012 and 2014) and available in pharmacies. These medications include:

  • Saxenda®
  • Contrave®
  • Belviq®
  • Qsymia®
  • Lomaira®
  • Vyvanse®

I’m not technically obese so would I be a candidate for your program?

We can see anyone who has gained a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time or anyone who has suddenly gained weight and is uncomfortable.  We can also help anyone with a family history of weight related illnesses (ex: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke) get down to a reasonable weight to avoid such issues in their future.

I read somewhere that some of the medications can have side effects that may be dangerous, are they safe to take?

We would never give our patients medications that were not safe.  We consider many things when prescribing a medication that we believe would be best. We consider things such as medications you are currently taking, past and present health problems, and family history.  Both of our providers have 10+ years’ experience with family medicine and are familiar with all medications as well as all health problems. We see our patients once a month to monitor your blood pressure, weight, and to discuss any changes, adverse reactions, or side effects.  We also have several ways for our patients to contact us so that your concerns or problems are addressed in a reasonable amount of time.  As long as you follow up properly and make us aware of any problems, we never go too long without contact. Because you are medically monitored, the medications are very safe when taken correctly.

Why don’t you take insurance?

Most insurances will not cover weight loss services or medications unless you are entering into a surgical weight loss program and even then they may not.  We know that and that is why we offer low-cost services and medication. We can give you everything you need to submit your claim to insurance, should you wish to do so.

Do I have to sign a contract or pay any start-up costs?

NO.  As a medical practice, we want what is best for you. You pay per visit, we do not offer high cost plans or programs. If you cannot afford to come back or just decide it’s not the right time for you, you can return when it is. There is no contract to sign. No up-front starting fee or any other gimmicks to lock you in to our services, you come and go as you choose.

How often do I have to be seen?

We typically see patients one time per month to recheck their medications and to follow their weight and overall health. We are available throughout that month as much as you need us if you have questions or problems, via the telephone, email or our website.

What makes your service different from any other weight loss program out there?

1. We are much lower cost. It doesn’t matter how you look at it you will pay less with us whether you see us one time or you come to see us every month for years.

2. You pay per visit, there is no up-front startup fee and we will never make you sign into a contract.

3. Our weight loss center is run by medical providers. You don’t just see the provider for a few seconds and then speak with someone else the entire time. The provider sees you every time, gives you guidance, helps you decide which medications you want to try, and guides you through the entire process, every time. Just like the providers you would see at your family doctor’s, only we have specialized training in the treatment of overweight patients.

4. What we do is specialized treatment tailored to each individual. We do not try to sell you “all natural” cures. We use medications that have been tested and proven to be safe and effective. Every patient is different, we know that, we understand. We will work with you whether you want to do nothing but take a medication or whether you want to start an all-out lifestyle change. We do what works best for you based on how much or how little effort and time you want to put into your weight loss.